How to Become a WordPress Developer?

how to become a wordpress developer

Top tips on how to become a WordPress developer!

WordPress is known as one of many popular content management systems available on the web today. It helps create more than 30% of websites on the net. It also holds around 60% of the market share far ahead from other similar competing platforms including Joomla at about 6%.

Since this particular program has more than 76 million users, not all can develop websites independently. This is why people tend to search for WordPress developers from around the world to help with their page development needs. They also search for people who can help add new functions to their website. The developer’s work will include the creation of plugins, themes as well as making improvements on the platform core among many others.

The aforementioned statistics shows just how famous and popular this particular CMS platform is. Striving to become a prolific developer for WordPress and similar sites has proven to be the right choice for those who are interested in web design and development as a platform.

Having this for basic encouragement, the next question should be “What can you do to become an effective WordPress developer?” You are in luck because this article is all about answering the question.

How to become a WordPress pro

Listed below are some of the significant steps that you can take to become a reliable WordPress developer.

Skills Assessment and Analysis

Before deciding on a specific niche, you have to do some introspection regarding your skills as well as everything that would involve working on the field that you would want to focus on. Take it slow and spend some time finding out data you already know about web development for WordPress and other related areas that need improvement in terms of knowledge and skill.

Do not be afraid to start from scratch by building your own website or blog through WordPress. From here, you can dive into WordPress development at its core, – the language and scripts. WordPress is primarily built on for programming languages. These are as follows:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript

You can use the first one to build your website structure. CSS can be used to add style to the already existing structure. PHP refers to the core language. JavaScript on the other hand will allow you to integrate newer if features to your web page such as sliders, widgets and other responsive elements.

As a beginner, you’re not expected to be aware of every language available. If you are familiar with just two of the four, you will be able to start web development already. You can also have the option to use automatic site builders to be able to set it up effectively and then tweak the code little by little. As you go along though, it is imperative that you learn as much of the remaining languages as possible. That is if you really want to master WordPress as a platform.

Aside from languages, it is important that you are able to gain the skills to help meet the expectations of your clients. You have to understand your weaknesses and strengths as a developer. Learn the necessary skills and improve on any of your existing capabilities. By doing this, you will become the best at what you do for WordPress.

Spend Some Time Studying, Learning and Practicing On WordPress

WordPress releases site updates regularly. These updates help build new features as well as fix some existing site errors. It is dedicated to overall platform improvement. As a developer, it is your duty to learn all that you can about WordPress every day. This will help you become abreast about current and upcoming site improvements and updates as well as discovering new things about the platform itself.

You can begin your learning process by dedicating an hour of your time for research. This may be difficult for you at first. However, if you are willing to do the hard work, it will work out for sure. Select effective study habits and materials and use them religiously. Consult blogs and YouTube channels regularly for related postings.

Additionally, look for reading materials related to WordPress both online and off. If you feel like you need more instruction, do not hesitate to take online courses to increase your knowledge and skills.

You should also take a look at the WordPress codex.  There is also an official Wikipedia page for WordPress which you can use to find official tutorials and explanations on certain terms that you may not be aware of.

Focus On One WordPress Area at the Time

Being a vast platform, fledgling developers as well as experts can definitely have a pool of areas to focus on when it comes to web design. Having knowledge on every single area is significant. However, you can choose one specific area to specialize on. Here are some examples:

  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Technical Support
  • Core

You can focus on any of these areas in your further studies of WordPress development.

The core focuses on technical support and problem resolution as well as customer service. You will be assigned to making sure that tickets as well as related product inquiries will be given ample attention all for the betterment of user experience.

WordPress themes is one of the most lucrative areas in development in terms of earning revenue for the users. If you are able to build at least one artistic theme that could sell, then you will be able to earn cash as long as people use it.

Various companies as well as professional individuals are always on the lookout for effective themes that will enhance their website appeal. You can create beautiful themes and sell them through various web portals including your own.

As for plugin development, you will need extensive knowledge of the core languages to use this very effectively. Plugins work to make WordPress easy in terms of navigation and use. This is why it is good to learn all about this field as well. Here you can see some simple tips on How to Build a WordPress Website in 5 Simple Steps

Be Prepared For Fixing Bugs

Whether or not you are aware of a certain area in web development, there are problems that could still occur for sure. There’s a tendency that when you fix a problem, new ones will rise to take its place. This is quite common in web development.

Just be prepared for any eventualities so that you could resolve the issue without causing too many delays or failures for your clients. You have to be aware of some effective techniques you can use for debugging to save yourself hours of precious time.

Don’t Hesitate To Attend Regular Conferences and Meetings

Because of the white scope of WordPress, you have to attend regular conferences and meetings regarding significant information on the platform. Through this, you will get to discover and explore novel ideas.

Meet likeminded individuals in the same field and spend some time with them. Through this, you will learn vicariously through their experience and grow within the same environment as well.

It is also important to connect with other people via social media. A great example would be creating LinkedIn connections. Join webinars and give them some feedback. By following these tips, you will greatly improve your career as a WordPress developer for sure.

You may also find lucrative work at conferences as a freelance developer. Companies usually get their pool of applicants from these meetings and they are ready to offer lucrative salaries for their services.

This is why making connections and networking professionally has never been a bad idea.


WordPress and other similar sites can give you a lot of opportunities as a web developer. If you are looking to switch careers, you have to be ready to put in some hard work, dedication and practice. Take time to study and learn as much as you can through tutorials and other relevant learning resources.

Do not forget to constantly hone your skills in web development as well.


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