Why WordPress CMS is the Best Choice for Small Businesses

wordpress for small businesses

Use WordPress for small businesses website design and development to get the top results!

Building a website today is far easier than what it was in the initial days. If you have a business of your own, it is important that you create an online presence, if you haven’t done so already.  Whatever the size of your business, you need a website that will exhibit and make their products available for the internet consumers from across the globe.

Why a website is necessary for small businesses

Initiation of a retail outlet these days alone is not sufficient for a successful business. Most consumers today do their purchases online and this makes it vital to have a fully functional website to reach those consumers. Businesses are seen popularizing their site even before launching their actual services. By having a website, you are creating an awareness among the public about your services.

Why WordPress is the right CMS for small business website design

Among the several platforms that are available to design an attractive website for your online project, WordPress is the most popular and more than 60% of websites are built on it.  Though it started as a blogging platform, it soon became the most widely used content management system(CMS) to construct a user-friendly and responsive site.  Here are a few points that explain why people prefer to use WordPress for their small online business.

1.  It is simple:

WordPress is easy and does not require any extraordinary skills for you to edit your website yourself. There is lots of material available on the internet and an active community to support and answer your questions.

2.  WordPress CMS is open-source and free:

The open-source software can be downloaded freely.  and you can download and use it free. The software works as an ideal platform for individuals and small businesses since you can manage your site without the need to hire professional WP experts.

3. A wide range of themes and plugins:

WordPress has a huge collection of free plugins and themes that are easily accessible on the internet. Users can easily enhance the functionalities by installing any of the free plugins that are available. Select a theme that will give your site a professional look and integrates well with your business thoughts.

4. Amazing support:

Being the most popular CMS, WP has a huge number of designers and an equally large base of communities and discussion forums where you can easily find an answer for any of your doubts.

5. Search engine friendly:

The websites must be SEO optimized, or the very purpose of having an online store is defeated. Without an effective online presence, it is very unlikely a business can survive in today’s competitive environment. Search engines like the WordPress as it comes with clean and well-maintained codes that make it easier for the web crawlers to index. It is a top-level platform for SEO and ensures that the pages rank high in the search engines.

6. More than a blog:

WordPress was initiated in the year 2003 as a blogging platform but looking at the sheer volume of features it offers, the CMS today is the first choice when constructing a small website.

7. It is secure:

WordPress, like any other open-source platforms, can be easily susceptible to online hacker attacks.  Contrary to the fears, WordPress developers work on the security aspects continuously. The themes and plugins are constantly updated and new versions released keeping patches in consideration. It does not require you to put any effort to update.

8. Variety of media styles:

Content keeps a website alive but that alone will not be enough. To make it more engaging and attractive you require some dynamic content like animations, images, audios, videos, and similar. WordPress comes inbuilt with all such multi-media type features.

9. Supports multiple users

WordPress makes it very simple for multiple users to access, publish and update the website from any location. You can assign privileges and restrictions on their accounts.

10. Growing better

There has been a tremendous change in WordPress since its inception about 15 years back and the change has been for the better. It has become more efficient and the popularity is still growing.   The community is getting stronger and more active.

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