WordPress Installation Services

wpcodeup can help you set up and launch an elegant WordPress website. We are a professional WP design and development company. WordPress is an amazing content management system (CMS) with innumerable features that will give your website a boost in performance.

WordPress installation is simple. However, if you are new to the field it can become a daunting task. Even if you have the experience, outsourcing the installation work will allow you complete time and resources to focus on your primary business.

We will set up and launch a beautiful and well-organized WordPress website for your business. You can create your content and trust wpcodeup with the WP installation task and its upgrade work. We can also assist with setting up of theme options, add a logo, custom changes, widgets, etc.

How We Work as the WP Installation Service Provider

WordPress is growing in popularity with each year. Understanding its significance, we at wpcodeup keep up with the new trends to ensure our clients get the latest features.

Our talented professional will discuss your project with your team. They listen to your ideas and will create design layout and strategies. Our specialists work on the project and manage all the onerous work for you.

In addition to installing the powerful CMS, we also will install the themes that you select and purchase. We will improve the functionality of your WordPress site and the themes by installing the most useful plugins. Of course, you can ask for any additional plugins. Our experts will only be very happy to comply with your request.

wpcodeup WordPress installation service does not end here. Our developers will optimize your site to make sure it is totally secure, SEO friendly, and offers fast page loads.

Why Choose Us?

We are very modest in our pricing. Our team will complete the installation quickly. Yet, please make a note the installation time and price may vary depending on the individual requirements of a client.


Our motto is customer satisfaction. Tell us your precise requirements and we will strive to meet your ideas and help you achieve your goals. Our WP developers have the experience to develop the site to provide the best experience to the visitors.


Our team will ensure a secure, safe and hassle-free installation. In the case of re-installations, we guarantee a smooth process without any loss of data.

I decided to use the wpcodeup services for my WordPress set up. They were prompt, affordable, and can be trusted with any website task. I am glad I did not waste time trying to do it myself. Thanks for your great job!

James Curry

How Can We Help?

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