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When you own a WordPress website there are possibilities of some issues cropping up. This can cause poor performance and the site not delivering the desired results. To avoid such risks and monetary losses, you must sign up with wpcodeup, a leading reputable WordPress web design company.

We have several years of experience in building and maintaining websites. Our objective is to deliver the best WordPress solutions for our clients with the most modern and robust technologies. With our support, you can reach the top of your industry quickly.

Leaving the website development and management to us will enable you to focus on core business expansion activities. We monitor and protect your site with the new security software such as anti-virus and anti-malware solutions. Our team also embeds your site with tools to make sure there is no possibility of any online fraud. Your customers will trust you and not hesitate to do business.

What We Offer as a WordPress Maintenance Service Provider

Outsourcing the WP maintenance work to us will mean your website is always up-to-date with the newest technologies. Your in-house team will have more time for core business applications.

WordPress plugins and themes require frequent updates. Missing out on them can cause performance issues for your site. Our support team will take responsibility for the onerous task.

Loss of data by accident or due to some outage can be disastrous for a business. With timely backup, our team will safeguard your complete information. With efficient strategies, we ensure the recovery of data is done with minimum downtime.

We have years of experience and coordinate well. We always strive to improve our services maintaining quality. Client satisfaction is our primary goal. Our support team responds quickly to your queries and issues if any.

Why Choose Us

We adhere to all the regulatory standards as specified by various governing bodies to secure your online business. We apply all the tools to safeguard your data and your client’s information from hackers. Our maintenance professionals install and run daily anti-virus scans.

Monitor downtime

Frequent downtime and error reports can cause severe losses to your business. A visitor will not return to your website if it is inaccessible. Our maintenance experts will immediately attend to any issues that crop up to prevent downtime.


We optimize your website with the best algorithms to ensure there is no lapse in performance. We maintain and keep it search engine friendly to ensure maximum exposure to reach your target audience. Speed and uptime are two crucial facets we always monitor.

Top quality services. Truly professional services completing work on time. Thanks to wpcodeup, there is a marked growth in visitors to my store. Getting good response and feedback from my clients. Would recommend the wpcodeup services.

Chris Hardy

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