WordPress Theme Developer Tips to Create Appealing Websites

wordpress theme developer

Being a WordPress theme developer is not an easy task. You may know how to make the website look good, but you should also know how to make it function the way you want.

Useful Tips to Improve WordPress Theme Development

Here are the important tips for designers who are looking to build a functional and attractive WP website.

1. Explore Existing Themes

Before building your WP theme, take a look at the existing themes on the store or other websites. This is just for the inspiration to create a good theme, not to copy someone else’s work. Closely observe the themes to understand how they function, how the colors are utilized, etc.

2. Don’t Distract from the Purpose

When you are creating a theme, always remember the end goal. The purpose of the site decides how the site should look. If you are building a business website, it should improve brand awareness. So the website look should match the brand design of the firm. Like this, the blogging platform demands a different kind of approach. Focus on the main purpose and don’t mix it with other objectives.

3. Find Some Quality Images

Everyone wants their website to look great and perform to a high standard. This means you should use high-quality and eye-catchy images on the site. There are tools that will help you to find suitable images. Some other tools let you create attractive buttons and icons. Look for any good WordPress development company and observe their previous works to get some idea about how they are utilizing images on their client’s website.

4. Don’t Forget Plugins

One of the important factors that make WordPress a great content management system, is its plugin support feature. You can get numerous amount of plugins that can increase the functionality of the site. While you designing the site the images used on the website should optimize using appropriate keywords. Plugins like Yoast SEO can give you useful tips like these to improve the site’s search engine ranking. There are plugins to add customizable contact forms, images, or other elements to the site.

5. Use Template or Code from Scratch

Once you set your main goal the foundation for an effective theme is laid. So you need to decide whether you want to build a theme from scratch or modify an existing template. Using an existing theme framework can simplify your task. You can add your own customizations to the template seemingly. If you are good at coding the level of customization you can get by building from scratch might be more than the templates. WordPress Codex website is an online manual from the developers of WP. You will find all the information about plugins, themes templates, etc., from the site.


WordPress is the best CMS platform with tons of customization features. This enables the WordPress theme developers to create eye-catchy themes for WP. Use suitable templates or build everything from scratch based on the purpose of the website. Combine appropriate plugins to improve the theme.

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